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Chef de Cuisine Timo Müller conjures an uncomplicated kitchen with classics in a relaxed atmosphere.

The variety & wholesomeness of Italian cuisine, the sophistication of the French savoir faire, "Pure & Asia". The inspirations flow on the wharf!

Timo Müller impresses with his sovereignty and his gift to unite the ingredients on his menu with ease, diversity and tradition.

A simple, harmonious & balanced composition of spices & fragrances that express his freedom.

The young and passionate man has an eye for details, in the foreground for him is the generosity towards his guests and a moment "plaisir" to share with them.



Fresh ingredients, varied preparation and various dishes determine the cuisine at Au Quai Restaurant

 "No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves is permanent". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

High culinary art, the use of selected ingredients and a wide variety is what the chef cooks Timo Müller stands for; he lets all meals become a sensual pleasure.

For the maritime and Mediterranean cuisine in our seafood restaurant in Hamburg we use fresh fish and regional organic products. Regardless if you're having

Meal à la carte
Au Quai as an event location
Catering in your rooms

we will always serve you perfectly dished food. Also vegetarians and vegans can enjoy our excellent cuisine. Of course we also offer a wide selection of fine wines and other beverages.

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