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Private room

The Au Quai has a private room adjoining the main room. It is a quiet room, equipped with screen and beamer, oak flooring and acoustic deck.The pleasant size offers space for about 45 guests.

Small meetings, press events, product presentations and workshops during the day find here the ideal place.

Directly adjacent to the separee you will find the winter garden, made entirely of glass with a direct view of the Elbe and a fabulous view of the Dockland.

This room is used for the day-to-day business A La Carte and - in combination with the private room - for wedding parties.


The conservatory also has its own terrace, which guarantees absolute privacy.The conservatory can be rented individually, here is also a long table possible.

In combination with the Separee, these areas with their own Elbterrasse offer the best location for a wedding with up to 120 people.


 Your personal menu, we will put together with you for your event individually.

In Au Quai, the path leads to the sea over the palate. View and menu make each visit a journey into the distance.

The Au Quai offers the best of Italian Dolce Vita cuisine and the "liss faire" of Mediterranean France, refined with a touch of Far Eastern quintessence.

Book a table - einfach, praktisch und effizient.

Hier können Sie online Ihre Tischreservierung vornehmen.